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What our Customer Say

Azim Gaibulin
Senior Project Specialist / Local Manager at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

"We've worked with William on two projects with agri processors. William impressed by deep knowledge of the subject (Food Safety, Quality Management and all related matters) in two different by nature companies (milling and dairy businesses), and by attention to very specific details within overall production process and quality control process. 
Excellent management of assignments, good deliverables on both of the projects. Timely submission of reports and all support documentation. CEO's of supported SME's provided positive feedback of William's work, his precise and up-to-the-point recommendations during his project engagement. Also, willingness to go extra mile and outside of scope to deliver the results was also noted. On a personal note - easy going personality, pleasure to work with." 
July 28, 2015, 

 Anwar Selo
Head of Sedar International at Sedar International part of Sedar Global - Transforming Window Fashion

"William was a pleasure to work with. He posed challenges and allowed others to grow and change. In the time we worked together, he took great responsibility for his work and made sure to keep track of all his projects. He always worked longer than his hours and was available for assistance, even during his rest time. William set high standards for himself and others, he was able to upgrade people's skills and motivate them." February 19, 2016,