WPB & Associates
Practical Solutions to Perceived Complexity


WPB & Associates can provide Consultants/Advisers to your business who can support the development of Corporate Governance Structures, Human Resources Structures, Operational Excellence (efficiency & effectiveness) Systems, Business Excellence Systems and development of a short, medium and long term strategic plan.

Medium Term Contracting

Within many organisations there is a need for part-time resources to fulfil strategic positions for a specified period WPB & Associates can assist in supplying skilled professionals to your business on a contractual basis.

Learning & Development

Training and Learning are key to the continual growth of any organisation and WPB & Associates provides a number of training interventions/programs which are tailor made for each client’s needs.

Audit & Review

WPB & Associates can provide professional auditors to your organisation to review the effectiveness of the organisation against the desired standards/policies and recommend suitable changes to ensure compliance and continual improvement.

Coaching & Mentoring

WPB & Associates provides professional coaching and mentoring services to clients to assist in supporting professional and organisation growth for both the individual and the employer.