WPB & Associates
Practical Solutions to Perceived Complexity

Who We are


Creating sustainable business growth within our clients by providing practical solutions to perceived complexity.


To bring the elements of Corporate Governance, Operational Excellence and Continual Improvement to live within our clients leading to more sustainable, efficient, productive, productive and healthy organisations of the future.

Bring Occupational Psychology, Neuroscience, Leadership, Quality, Health & Safety and Risk strategies to the Middle East while influencing current and future leaders in the region.


Relationships are key

Personal and professional relationships are the lifeblood of the business environment and we value each relationship for its unique strengths and weaknesses leveraging the strengths and improving the weaknesses.

Sustainable solutions

We believe even the short term solutions should link to the long term strategy of the organisation, its owners, its employees and all interested parties within the value chain.

Transfer of knowledge to empower

We create environments for everyone to learn from each other and the activities we are involved in. We expect each and every individual within our network to be empowered though the availability of knowledge, skills and information.

Practical application of knowledge

We value practical application and all our solutions must be designed to allow all to apply them in their professional and personal lives. Solutions are based on fact, knowledge and experience.

Openness and client focused

Our team create situations where others feel they can contribute to identifying solutions. Our working style and culture is open and clear allowing all involved to understand the motivations and structures being applied.