WPB & Associates
Practical Solutions to Perceived Complexity

Practical Solutions to Perceived Complexity 

Need a Adviser, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Trainer or Contractor

WPB & Associates is a boutique management consultancy based in the United Arab Emirates servicing organisations who wish to transform their strategic direction, corporate governance structures, management style/culture, operational effectiveness or human resources structures to meet the ever changing customer and market demands.

 Increasingly businesses in the Middle East face challenges or barriers to growth which may include;

  • Securing investment or funding from potential investors or financial institutions,
  •  Securing larger more lucrative customers due to the risk or non-payment or simply the size of the project,
  •  Securing valued investors, board members, advisers, mentors and employees who will support the continued growth of the organisation,
  •  Increased complexity in operating a business with the increasing maturity of the business environment e.g. introduction of VAT,
  •  Increased cost of doing business in the region and how to optimize the available resources,
  •  Increased need for robust corporate governance structures placed on SME’s from larger organisations,
  •  Increased and ongoing challenge with finding competent human capital to execute the owners/shareholders expectations consistently into the medium and long term future,
  •  Increased need to produce short, medium and long term strategic plans for investors, financial institutions and owners without the necessary skills or resourced to assist in the development of the strategy.


WPB & Associates can provide Consultants/Advisers to your business who can support the development of Corporate Governance Structures, Human Resources Structures, Operational Excellence (efficiency & effectiveness) Systems, Business Excellence Systems and development of a short, medium and long term strategic plan.

Medium Term Contracting

Within many organisations there is a need for part-time resources to fulfil strategic positions for a specified period WPB & Associates can assist in supplying skilled professionals to your business on a contractual basis.

Continual Development

Training and Learning are key to the continual growth of any organisation and WPB & Associates provides a number of training interventions/programs which are tailor made for each client’s needs.
WPB & Associates provides professional coaching and mentoring services to clients to assist in supporting professional and organisation growth for both the individual and the employer.