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Our Track Record

Project Title
Project Details
Sawaeed Group
Learning & Development Academy  
Design of Learning Materials and operational polices for a Learning Academy including certification by Abu Dhabi Regulators.  
Sedar Global
Operational Excellence (Lean)  
Overall review of the organisation, its activities and its entities to identify areas for improvement and subsequently design solutions which could be implemented within the family owned organisation. Review of all Human Resources structures and systems with the intention of transforming the systems to best practice. Review production and logistics functions to identify areas for improvement and implementation of agreed action plans. Identification of designed corporate governance structures within the business including management committees, financial systems and policies.  
Noor Bank
Corporate Governance – Policy Mapping and Development  
Review of the existing policy structure within the Bank and update all policies in-line with changing requirements, organisational changes, regulatory requirements and best practices. Identification of potential improvements in Executive Committee and Management Committee roles and responsibilities and implementation of agreed changes.  
Joy Films  
ZeroToZero – Risk Assessment  
Review the risk associated with the Zero to Zero documentary featuring the new Camaro including hazard identification, risk assessment and mitigation actions.  
Subcontract training course delivery 
Delivery or training programs on behalf of client in the areas of Quality Management and Technical Report Writing to clients including Emirates Nuclear and Civil Aviation Authority.  
RPM Consultancy  
Subcontract training course delivery  
Delivery or training programs on behalf of client in the areas of Stress Management and Time Management.  
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)  
Food Safety & Quality Management System Advisory  
Audit and advisory services to food organisations in Kyrgyzstan who were being funded by EBRD.